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Break the Chain - text


Verse 1

My heart in so full of sorrow, so full of revenge
I can't sleep, the night is like horror
Feels like I'm losing my mind

Pre-Chorus 1

Can't eat, I can't sleep
I feel like a creep, living inside me
I'm fading away

Chorus 1

I'm haunted by dreams of desire
In the night I'm on fire
I am down where it's hot
My soul is burning
Am I a psychopath or just a normal man?

Verse 2

I'm lost far out on the ocean
Can't find my way to the shore
I look for a sign, I open my mind
Salvation is lost to be found

Pre-Chorus 2

Hunger and greed, call for its need
Emotions inside me, dragging me down

Chorus 1


Chorus 1

Chorus 2

I'm haunted by dreams of desire
Give me strength, give me power
At night I am hot, I am burning
I need to break the chains from the darker side

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