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A Crack in the Wall - text


Verse 1:

No future, no past
I am trapped in the flow of time
Hopefully wrong
I sense that all colors soon fade and die

Sad sensations, isolation
I'm painting the shadows on the wall

Chorus 1:

A storm has begun
A final call
"I want you to know"
I'll show no fear, when I let go
Standing strong, where I belong
Embracing the demons in my mind

Solo 1

Verse 2:

A crack in the wall
A glimmer of light from an eerie place
Fading away, but the essence will stay
I'm alive again

Hope is born, I am stronger
Fainting the future on the wall

Chorus 1


Falling deeper fading
Falling deeper fading
And this storm has begun

Solo 2

Chorus 2:

Survivor of storms
I have my pride
"I want to let you know"
Never regret, always believe
Standing strong, I hear the song
Song of all beauty in our world


Solo 3

(Instrumental outro)

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