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Dance for the world, Dance for the world
People it's time now, Something's got to change
People, We no longer can live in pain
We've got to find the truth, We've got to know where it is
Cause we stand here together, Fighting year after year
We're lost in our search, We've been longing to find
We can't hold back no longer, Cause we're running out of time
Dance for the world (x4)
People, my people, We've gone too far, It's time now
To find out just who we really are
I know you're weary, Your hearts full of fear
I see the hope inside you, Behind all the tears
Dance for the world (x4)
If we could all just love one another,
We would see there is nothing more important
Or greater than love for the people
I would dance for the world, I would sing for the world
I would pray for the world, People dance for the world

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