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Lost in a Lonely World - text

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Tomorrow never comes when you are looking foward to it
You try so hard to live the day your way
But what a life if you could live the way you want it
You tried it once before but it didn't work out
You know you need someone to bring out the best in you
To be a light to you is what I intend to do
To show the way you know you ought to go
You'll see a world that will surely come into view
So take the hand that I offer to you
To see the truth that you will be no longer
Lost, lost in a lonely world (lost and lonely)
'Cos I can see that there's life in your eyes
If only you would realise
That now you don't have to settle for this
(You don't have to settle for this)
You don't have to say "There's nowhere to go"
You can find out anything you really wanna know

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