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Ready 2 Ride Ft. J. Stalin, Lil Blood, Shady .. - text

When the funk really go down
Who's really ready to ride
When the funk really go down
Who's really ready to ride
Everybody actin like they stack shit
And sell a bunch of packs
Strapped with full metal jackets
Really they be actors
Non-factors in this trap shit
Get hit with that mack
Spin 'em around backwards
Middle finger to them crackers
Left stranded on the pavement
If I went????
Bitch I'mma bang it
No more scary niggas squares ain't hangin
Pussies remain nameless, wishin they were famous
Dare a nigga say I ain't ride when the time came
I ain't bust mine, it must wasn't time
Crossed that line, if you touch one of mine
When it's really real, I'm the first one in line
So, when it's funk, gas up and keep your eyes open
Ridin around with no gun is how you die, though
It get trife in the town
When it go down them pussies won't be around
[Philthy Rich]
A nigga put 10 on my head like I ain't worth 50
Betta keep your receipts, you thinkin bout fuckin wit me
Play offense and defense, defense and offense
And no I can't sleep till that nigga in a coffin
Who really ready to ride, who really ready to slide
Like my Ice city niggas, bitches ho inside

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