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Heavily Father, forgive us for we are sayin'
Yeahhh, I just got it
Come on, yaa, Rich Boy
You're on the top of the world
... Keep so calling me
Don't goo
To the top of
... first hit in the hood roll...
Real... Hold me tight
... still big advice
The old school is still...
Getting to the super bowl... lady
... first in the universe
I'm just trying make the worse
... going in Alabama so that just ain't got bare with me
River see the time when my neck got...
Try to... can't be regret it... kiss me... let's go
On the top of the world
You keep so calling me
So I can ohhh
To the top of the world...
To the top of the world
Lady to the top...
Witness we make history
... have been thousands of blue...
... Credit school...
... but I'm still determinate
Doing... I need to be exterminated
Listen to my first album, told you... when I feel
Do this for my brother and my uncle
Do it twenty years, came nobody to take my fly
... can't stop...
We got to keep it moving
Ha, ha ha haha
I see you...
And this is just a previous
To the top of the world... keep calling me

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