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Le Coup De Soleil - text


I was burned by the sun
And by the love, the love for you
Somehow, I remember
As if in a dream, so beautiful you were,
At night, I don't sleep any more
I travel, in a wrecked boat
I saw you, in barely a sheet of silk
I no longer sleep, come, come see me tomorrow

But you are not there, my dream in vain
Since you left, at night I no longer sleep
But you are not there. You know,
I would like to go there
By your window, visit you in your paradise

I put your pictures in my songs
And the sailboats in my house
I would like to row the boat, but I no longer could
I look around, don't like this place anymore
I was hundred-year old; could not recognize myself
Don't love these people any more since I saw you
Don't want to dream more, I would like you to come
To fly to me, make me love you

There it is. It's clear that I should decide
To build walls around and fell into the emptiness
I know you are waiting by the fountain
I saw you coming down from the rainbow
I am splashed by the water, the summer rain
I sail the boat in my place
The day is so beautiful, one could paddle
Sea is calm, one could sail...

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