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Searching for meaning, grasping at straws
The unanswered question always remains
Is the grave but a doorway to everlasting life?
Or shall we return to dust from whence we came?
Inverted hourglass
The sifting sands of fate
Haunted by morality
Shackled to its weight
Skeletal hands
Forever ticking on coffin shaped clocks
In realms of infinite death
Grave upon grave
Embracing the void as the light fades away
Bring me eternal rest
Ephemeral pleasures of this earthly domain
Futile is the flesh in this cycle of death and decay
Oh the deathknell tolls for thee
Enshrouded by darkness in dreamless sleep
Crossing the threshold into the land of the deceased
Joined together eternally
Consumed by unrelenting visions of the end
Desiring to be one with the beckoning dead
Omnia Vanitas

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