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That Which Consumes All Things - text

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It fell from the heavens and brought with it blight
Contaminating the soil, feeding on fauna and flora alike
But this glowing meteorite was but a harbinger for something worse
For within was a womb of pure chaos that gave birth to the curse
Withering on the vine
Flourishing with decay
The corruption spreads across the lands
Black roots writhe in the earth below
A graying harvest falls to waste
Unhallowed radiance gleams from sickened oak
Suffocated by maddening vapors
Gestating in underground chambers
Formless, a monstrous constellation
That which consumes all things into it's toothless maw
Amorphous, ghoulish miasma
Devouring all lifeforms within it's vaporous jaws
Churning clouds of chaos
A living maelstrom
Not of this world
Born from the backwards beyond

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