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That fateful moonlight night forever haunts my dreams
The fog hung in the air just like a dead man
Within the woods there stood the witch’s house
Unholy hovel of the damned
The lock broke easily enough
That wicked crone was soon to be within my grasp
I should’ve turned back on that night
Before the witch’s spell was cast
Sorcery of the black goat with 1000 young
Uttering incantations of the fallen one
Forsaken rites have conjured accursed gateways
Into foul realms of unworldly origin
I found her praying in the attic
Bowing to that altar of the goat
I froze with fear at what no mortal eyes should see
panic stricken screams escaped my throat
The symbols on the wall, they came alive
Hideous laughter filled the room
Reality crumbled away beneath my feet
By swirling vortexes of chaos now consumed
Nightmares from the beyond
Lost in a dreamscape of madness
Her disembodied eyes follow me through this tenebrous labyrinth
Awakening in the cell of the asylum
My tale too maddening to ever be believed
Burned in my palm, the black mark of the horned one
A cursed symbol of unworldly origin

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