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Born of the dust
Imbued with freewill
Two souls intertwined
Lured by ophidian tongues
Blaspheming the garden of delight
O, serpent
Bringer of light
Guiding us through the darkness
Let your brilliance shine upon thee
from the depths below
Eat of this fruit forbidden
The promise of enlightenment
You can live as a slave or be rid of those chains
By embracing this serpentine covenant
Banished from this utopia
Heavenly father, what have we done?
Cast out in nakedness, ashamed
Heeding the call of this forked tongue
Let Lucifer's torch lead the way
Steering us onward towards a new dawn
Feel the warmth of Satan's flame
Reveling in his empowerment
Enveloped by wings as black as pitch
Enchanted by the serpent's kiss

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The Outer Ones


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