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Through the Circle of Dawn,
I shall lead my race
from which I was born
at the hallowed place.
Keepers of the Black Steel,
hiders of the Flame,
our time has come
to accomplish the claim.
Oh yeah!

Climbing on the Mountain,
reaching for the sun,
searching for the Temple
where it all began.
Beholding at the cosmos,
the moon is so far.
You're about to meet
Reverend Bizarre.
Oh Lord, have mercy!

All right now!

We ride like a patrol of angels within a gloomy black sky.
As the course of our path changes
There is the fire where the butterflies die.
Dirty runes glorify gray stones, relics from the ancient times.
Earthly worms reaping my bones, raping flesh
Hiding these crimes.

Can I hear the singing of my lover, or have I lost my sight?
From this sleep am I able to recover
Or is it mine, the never-ending night?

Dance begins, won't you join me.
Middle of the garden where dreams grow,
nightly forests worship your beauty.
Deep inside, winds won't blow.

This is a journey to a better world
by the leaves of these flowers.
Sealed gates protecting this garden.
Keep on dancing for thousand hours, yeah.

I love you!

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