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Walking through this wasteland,
carrying wicked thoughts within my mind.
Wondering what will be,
is there any future for mankind?
War is raging somewhere.
Every second someone will die.
Evil spirits in towers
magnifying holes in the sky.

I can hear them crying,
starving people who have no face.
There's no time to help them,
for I'm coming to the end of my days.

I am falling,
but it feels good, yeah!
All right!

There's no time to cry when it's all over!
Respect the clear vision of mighty Doomsower!

People full of hatred
leading everyone's life to Hell.
How long has it been so?
From the dawn of man I can tell!
Angels and demons
are fighting for our souls, can't you see?
The answer is in your hand.
Just choose the way you wanna be.

And live free
by the side of your god!

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