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Anywhere Out of This World - text


A knife to cut the skin
A cave to hide in
I open myself to you
Counting the scars I bear
I know I should be there
But soon the day will come - when we leave

I think I found my place
I found the truth in you
We stood among the ruins
No more I fear the night
Your eyes bring the light
The door is opening into the shrine of sleep

Deep in the woods stands an abandoned house
Its windows face the night
Behind the green door, we have the suicide shrine
The flowers of Orient cover the bed

To be anywhere out of this world, in peace
To leave these cruel woods behind. Release!

When I open my eyes, clouds are dancing in the sky
High in the air, strange birds fly
Warm wind brings luxurious scent of unknown flowers
On this perfect grass, we make love for a thousand hours
I kiss your wounds, and in our eyes they disappear
The valley below has a veil of gentle rain
Never again will we have to feel the pain
The purple mist conceals a giant mountain
All its streams run to the shining fountain
Once, in a dream, I have been here,
but now, when with you, I have no fear

And when night falls upon the horizon, there is a blaze
Our hearts rejoice
The old world has reached its dying days
I kiss your wounds, and in our eyes they disappear
You hold me tight, and our minds,
once distraught, now crystal clear

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