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When ya see rich folks in big flash clothes get a sense of inferiority
People look at ya strange try'na figure out yer game
Leave you feeling social oddity
Get a job paying shit
Better off not a bit
More chance to win the lottery
Try to get by
Tell a few lies what can you do
Live in poverty

Pittance on welfare wont suffice -
Got bills and debt got me in strife
Time for crime ain't worth the risk -
And I’m sick of living like this

Now put to the test with no dole cheque
Get a job the harsh reality
Lose all benefits going legit
Scrape by a bullshit salary
Wages so low now Britain is known as a new third world nation
This new deal shit just won't cut it
But only breed indignation.

Social poverty fact of life,
Gotta try an rise above the shite
Think of money for the life you'd like,
Systems ally when it suits you right

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The Restarts texty

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