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Screaming City - text


Look environment in decay
A fuckin struggle every day
Too much empty hate
Aimed at each other
Not getting any better
So much fear for the future
Living like fuckin rats
In tower blocks and council flats

Concrete brick and glass freedom
A burning fuse outside your door
Twisted parents insane children
Blood and glass on the pub floor
Existing day to day
Desperation is here to stay
Screaming city paranoia
Mind heart and soul destroyer

Racist blacks and racist whites
Petty crooks and drunken fights
Ditched needles stench of piss
Battered mothers beat battered kids
Seething nest of turbulence
Masses drown in ignorance
Escape sold in plastic bags
Little girls get v.d off their dads

Broken lights and dark places
Fear carved on peoples faces
Rocks and smack and glue and e's
Take your pick for teenage o.d's
Steel blade across your face
Mindless violence all over the place
Bash the elderly for a hit,
Everywhere this fucked up shit.

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The Restarts texty

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