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Same Old Shit - text


Drug death suicide
Sky high nobody seems to ask why
No one points a finger at the system
Just another drug death victim
Cunts sitting in ivory towers
Won't stop arming pigs with more power
It wont be them who get the mace
Sprayed all over their fuckin face
Situations a con and its fixed
Worlds been run by cunts and pricks
Wont see me cast my vote
Distrust negative feeling no hope
Humanity is just a disease
And I don’t want a life on my knees
Dead end job cable tv
Killing the spirit rebellion in me

Seek solutions face brick walls
See no sense in it at all
Evolution is this it forever get the same old shit

There they go millennium bender
Build more prisons top of the agenda
What will it be like when
Prison population will be one in ten
What's up welfare witch hunts
Media making us feel like cunts
Keep saying they’ll stop the giving
They still owe me a fucking living
Looks like we’re gonna be next powers
That be cutting our dole checks
There they go make more criminals
The whole situation is fuckin dismal
Politicians got their own scam
Social justice fucking sham
New labour tories no difference values gone
Sold out to big business.

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