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The weathers getting cold, the pollution’s growing thick
Life on this planet now only makes me sick
You want to curl up into a foetal ball
Block your eyes and ears numb from it all

As the days connect in this labyrinth of stress
Life once simple is now a fuckin mess
The city is faceless brimming with toil
Like a vat full of scum it starts to boil
Yearning for money to numb the pain
But the world of employment will drive you insane
Get a nestegg of savings for a rainy day
But the government will tax it til it dwindles away

The news reports just keep getting worse
The rapid decline of mankind’s curse
Shackled to work and bound by debt
Consume synthetic reality through your TV set

Try and move from the city but all the land has been raped
The plush remains divided by Corporate stakes succumb
To crime and you’re only playing their game
Locked in a cell, your 15 years of fame
The rain never stops the sun never shines
Keep the drapes drawn the streets are full of eyes
Recoil in your world of paranoid fear
Urban existence will make your soul disappear

We're infected with cancer and dying of aids
Top of the food chain but we are starting to fade
Tamper with nature brings impending doom
Eating genetically modified food
You want us to pray to a god that is a myth
A moral placebo for our consciousness
Hidden surveillance records your daily routine
While you pledge allegiance to the system machine

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