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Mindless Violence - text


Human temper devoid of logic
Unfocused anger defeats the object
It permeates every walk of life
From western culture to middle east strife
Theres only one more heinous crime
The glorification of violence sublime
The fundamental root of the cause
Human nature permanently flawed

Eliminate mindless violence

Your in the humour coz its friday night
But something tells me you just like to FIGHT
Your violence addiction is fucking obscene
Makes no difference who you make bleed
Dealing with issues when you're pissed
You do your talking with your fists
Your seeing red just like the other side
Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

I saw you kick a man in the head til he bled
Adrenaline was pumping you left him for dead
Kubriks classic misunderstood
Or reenacting Boys N the hood
Counteractive macho violence,
Guilt personified by your silence
Banging on about respect and pride
But to all and sunder you've denied
It ain't about being a pacifist
But a show of respect to co exist
Deny the value of human life
Brought to an end from a switchblade knife

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