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How's Yer Father - text


It was no.4 or 496
Free utility place in bits
Just some old hat for new tricks
Free and easy get your kicks
Summer stink to the winter cold
Just a living for some rock n roll
No restriction to a hardcore beat
Slayer blaring in the summer heat

For a squat in a human zoo
There was nothing else left to do
Too young and without a clue
Cheap cider, cans of special brew

Dodgy dealings and hows yer father

Down in one then you down the lot
Innocence something soon forgot
They were years in a lazy haze
Special issue on thursdays
Twos up and how much you owe
Ten a penny and you're good to go
Blag yer beer and you blag to pay
Even though its your giro day
For a squat in a human zoo...

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