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Voices of the Dead - text


Twisted priest, possessed by hell
Tormented in evil sacrilege
Confused spoken paranoia
Prophecies of zombies siege
Without control, rotting brain
Veins infest in solemn rage
Haunted by the voices
Tongues speak of carnage

In the morgues, in the cemetaries
In the eyes of the dead and the dying
Reflecting mankinds future doom
As whispered in their sighing
In your head, deep within
They chant your worlds demise
Reckoning day of the opening lids
The hour all cadavers arise

Voices of the dead
Chanting inside your head

Resurrected ones, living dead
See to it life destroyed
Voices breathe of sulphur
Putrescent reek of void
Sky turns black, sweeping fog
As darkness takes its toll
Vengeful corpses now walk the earth
The dead has total control

Voices of the dead
Chanting inside your head

"When the earth spits out the dead,
they will return to tear the flesh
from the living"

Voices of the dead
Chanting inside your head

Text přidala laila111

Video přidala laila111

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