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Premature Burial (demo) - text


Decrepit as you've fallen in deceased
Joints are whithering as they slowly freeze
Decomposition eating through your head
Mistakenly you're confirmed as dead
Opening the torso - remove the stinking crud tapping your veins of fluids and blood
Your yawning gap sewn shut in haste
An attractive corpse - dried out human waste
Panicing yet you're paralyzed hearing the mourners deprave, screaming,
silent and voiceless - as you're lowered into the grave... Premature burial
Trapped in a box six feet under ground you slowly fall apart never to be found
Black putrefaction odour is sumptious
Smelling sweet and sour - stench of puss
Festering posture of malignant phlegm
Hungry maggots are running internal mayhem
Deafened by the silence dark is all you see
Inside this rotting coffin you'll spend eternity
Panicing yet you're paralyzed your worst nightmare has come true, screaming, silent voiceless - as you are united with the dew...
Premature burial
As one with the cemetery frozen... decayed... rotten... soon you will be but a memory... undead... buried... forgotten!
Panicing yet you're paralyzed claustrophobic wooden cell, screaming, silent and voiceless if only you could burn in hell...
Premature burial

Text přidala laila111

Video přidala laila111

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