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Open road
Why does love erode?
Get away, you can't stay away
Look away from the mirror now
Look straight out ahead -- that's how
But how can you let her go?
Let her go
No, you can't save the world
Better save your heart
Start to close the door
Look for open road
Open road
Why can't I crack love's code?
Time to fly, no time to say goodbye
Goodbye! Just try to forget her face
Just get yourself in the race
There's a place that you have to go
Have to go
No, you can't heal the pain
Better heal your heart
Start your motor up
Take up open road
There's a hit and run cat on the highway
Another cat sits saying a prayer
I swear as I pass she's laughing my way
Where did my love go, cry her eyes
Where did my love go?

The number you have reached 675-8304 has been disconnected.

(dial tone)

Where did my love go?
No, you can't forget her eyes
You'll still protect your heart
As you start for home
Breathe it in and slow
You don't have to go
If your heart is open
Your heart is open
Your heart is open road

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