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You've Created A Monster - text


You’ve created a monster...

He’s 4’8’’, holding state in my fucking living room
The only way to clean the slate is with a pharmaceutical broom
He used to bounce off the walls
Now I’m lucky if he crawls
He’s sleeping his life away

What a fucking nightmare...

I can’t believe I came to you, thinking you would give a shit
X-rays, co-pays, followed by follow up visits
To see you scratch your head
And mix cocktails of meds
He's sleeping his life away

You’ve created a monster...

Now he’s off to the races
Watch as he paces across the room with his imaginary friends
I wonder what he sees in them, I wonder what they see in him
I never thought I’d be
The proud parent of a case study
He’s sleeping his life away...

You've created a monster

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