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I'm bare before you
O risen jesus, Can't hide
from you, Your kindness
is too strong
Today you kneel, you
wash my feet, Where the
dirt of sin has harmed me
Who has heard of such
majesty, O Glorious one i
let down my walls again
There's nothing thats
sweeter than your
friendship, There's nothing
greater than your Lordship
I exalt you, I exalt you, I
exalt you and enjoy you
I exalt you, I exalt you, I
exalt you, Your the colour
of my world
You are my Sight
My lifes guide
Tho I am Blind
You brighten up the way
The troubles they are
And I feel I'm losing
But You'll repair me in
your time
O glorious you rescue all
my mistakes
There's nothing thats
stronger than your
overwhelming grace
And Your truth is my
wide open space

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