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Blind Eyed (feat. Sam Tompkins) - text

This lighter don't work, no
No flame to spark my goal
My Nike'es laced in dirt, oh
I've ended up treading on my own soul
My headphones only working on the left side
But I try, to live the right life
My eyes wide, and I strive
To stop my demons gripping, ripping
From the inside
This road is dark and I can't find the batteries
For my flashlight
I'm blind eyed and I'm tired
These drugs don't work
The pain it takes control
A blood-stained shirt
I feel like I'm always being chased by the devil
I tried to talk but I can't seem
To et my spoken words right
And I t-t-t-try to keep my stutter light
And this life it can be ish right,
Cut you like a flick knife
Twist and make you sick right
And I think, maybe I'll be better off alone
So I redirect the calls from my phone
I learnt so many lessons from depression
But in essence I'm just wishing
That these bad thoughts were gone
I'm blind eyed
I'm blind eyed, blind eyed
Sometimes I bleed, sometimes I crawl
Sometimes I slip, sometimes I fall
Sometimes my back is up against the
Wall so hard that whole building could fall
Sometimes I bruise, sometimes I break
Sometimes I'm true, sometimes I'm fake
Sometimes I'm hoping for a moment
When the floor would just start opening
And swallow me for goodness sake
I think I'm gonna break cause I ache and it's bait
I'm awake in a world full of pain superman no cape
And I'm pressing the breaks but the breaks
They break and I'm driving my universe into a lake
And the weight, the weight of the world don't wait
We make mistakes when it's all at stake
We cook out cake we eat our cake
Sometimes no time for double takes but
(That's just the way life goes sometimes)
But I don't want to end up in the gutter
Being battered by my troubles, face down in puddle
Where the sun don't shine
So I'm coming and giving it back
Upon the track and attacking 'em
Stacking up beats like I did with this one
I pack it in and I'm praying
Oh Lord, take this pain away

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