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One Horse Town - text


All that's left are the movies,
and we've seen them all before
After that there are the streets,
from the city down to the shore
And then there are the stars,
that spin around us shining down
There ain't nothin' to do baby...
in this one horse town
In this one horse town

Well I'm loadin' up the wagon,
and I'm heading west, tonight
And even though my sweet mama cried,
I will make it, all alright
'Cause I've got this thing to prove
Just take a look around
There ain't nothin' to do baby...
in this one horse town

Well I could wander to the farthest corner of the earth
But I'd probably feel the same
I'd just keep looking past what's already here in my heart
And it's as plain as day....
where I should've stayed
In this one horse town.......
Where the boulevards end are the beaches,
and that's as far as you can go
Except the ocean, where the moon,
pulls the tides from high to low
Y'know I looked for buried treasure,
but there was none to be found
There ain't nothin' to do, this one horse town
There ain't nothin' to do this one horse town

I said there just ain't one thing for me to do
In this one horse town..Oooooohh yeh

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