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Somewhere in between
Long ago and when we meet
I'll find the truth is lost in moonlight
In the river deep
Lies what's real and make believe
It's up to you and me to find
Oh, who's to say if it's love or hate?
Good or evil?
When I walk the plank or just stay in between, in between
Now don't you pretend
This thin line is not the end
Although we both love a good fight
In my wildest dreams
We wouldn't always be
Stuck in limbo for all our lives
Oh, if I may, I think that you should stay
Far away from the edges of our dismay
Or just stay in between, in between
Fictitious or factual?
Horrible or holy?
Who's to judge us but you and I in between, in between, in between
Why must we let things get in the middle of you and me

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