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Your sweet voice,
Lets me know there is a choice
Please me slow,
Much more slowly than that
And when we danced,
We danced one cheek to cold cheek
a sideways glance
I knew you were looking at him
I can't call you a friend,
'cause when you left me here,
You left me here to die
Don't worry I won't call you again
'cause when I take a hint,
I take it pretty hard
And when you broke my heart
You broke it into shards of glass
The telephone yells out at me to wake,
I won't be blamed for someone else's mistakes
It's your sweet voice
Sounding cheery on the line
It breaks my heart,
As I ease up on the charm
Can I call you my friend?
'cause it's been so long since we talked
And I miss you
Don't worry I'm over you right now,
So my feelings won't get in the way of it,
Oh, and I miss the way
We talked about the little things

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