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Weed for Everybody - text


Smoking my first joint in the morning.
I feel tranquility and harmony.
Everything is a big field of marijuana.
Everybody is fine. They all are smoking weed.
Hey bro' smoke. What the fuck. The hash is gone.
I'll have to buy again and these fucking clockers make me sick.
Hey you think I'm insane.
Right, I'm insane for the weed. I'm too high.
Bro' take a smoke. Weed for everybody.
My mind is cleaned of all these synthetic shits.
I live in my own world. I'm my own God.
I have my own joints and my friends are along with me.
The weed has helped to me and now I can see the reality.
Greed and ambition. Everything is rotten.
The weed doesn't lie. Talk with her.
You think I'm insane but look yourself. Guy you suck!
You think I'm insane. Fuck you motherfucker.
I love to smoke weed and hash is my passion.
Weed for everybody. Smoke, feel bro' weed!!

Text přidal DevilDan

Video přidal DevilDan

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