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Devilish silhouettes trying to wake me of my deep dreams
Anxious by devouring human flesh
Waiting my sign to unleash the fury
The army of darkness is disposed to satiate
The thirst of power towards the mortal

Everything is turning what they always have desired Hell on earth
My sign will be to punish the weak, there's no mercy
Your impure thoughts have lifted
To my faithful descendants of the obscurity to satiate their lust

Absorbing your weak forces, make us more powerful
There's no one to stop us, not your god
We are not the devil. We are your other half.
Your darkside that you don't want to know
You are punished to live in darkness, to the eternal suffering
Not to feel, not to see your face. I want a corpse
I want to satiate my appetite
You ask for mercy but there's no piety
Eliminating all what we have believed
Slaves to the master of obscurity
triumphant slaughter, throne of corpses
Your impure thoughts have lifted to my slaves.
We are your most obscure sido.
You always will carry it with you

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