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Drowned in Blood - text


There's a killer in each one of us, someone lets it to leave.
I'm Hell and Heaven.
I feel hatred and anger. I see as you die.
Drowned in blood. Your neck turns in a river of blood.
You are in the limits between life and death.
Your vision of this world went disappearing.
There's only regards. Show me your respect.
You have returned to the life and this time will be better.
I see to me reflected in your eyes and it pleases me.
You are drowned in blood. I feel hatred and anger.
I feel your look nailed as a knife. Your agony is my life.
You are suffering by the other.
You must pay your punishment by having born.
I see you drowned in blood. All my victims feel my power.
I'm the death. I'm which you must hate.
There's a darkside in each one of us expecting the opportunity.
Your suffering, make me happy

Text přidal DevilDan

Video přidal DevilDan

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