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Diabolic Marijuana - text


You say it's shit when you have smoked.
Why do you forget the weed? For you or for the people.
I don't give a fuck. Nothing but a god joint of marijuana
Smoke until you can. You won't die for smoking weed.
So you know. Smoke weed. Smoke weed until you can.
The world sucks. Be realist and fight against the hypocrisy.
Weed out the sick. There's nothing to fear. I'm your master.
I'm possessed by the weed. Hey fucker pass me the joint.
God is gone and I'm here with me hash.
God died by overdose.
There's only a way to make the right things, legalize pot.
It can save the planet.
No one has died for smoking weed
instead of someone legal shit will stop your life.
Help me to make this a little bit better.
Smoke weed and fuck the world.
God died by overdose. Smoke weed and fuck the world

Text přidal DevilDan

Video přidal DevilDan

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