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Anthems of Hatred - text


Fucked by the destruction, fucked by the violence
There's only echoes of hatred
You shall not adore false images
All is gone, you and your false beliefs
If you have to believe in somebody, that's me
If you have to worship in some god, I'm your god
What's up? Motherfucker, what's up? Motherfucker
I'm god and my own world. There's only anthems of hatred
In my mind there's a thought which is to finish with you
I'm going to kill you, I want you to die
With your eres I could look towards the past
Do you believe in death? There's only anthems of hatred
Look me, I'm who judged. Look me, I'm the reflection of the death
The time has finished for you. No one will believe in your hypocrisy
You against the death, she never has rivals
Look my face and tell me how many cocks you have estén
My sanctity, I'm who judged and your punishment is the life

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