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I'll beat your lyric to a bloody incoherent mess
My chronicles of stress ain't no less than loveless
Our posse smashing in like Oxy 10 maximum strength
Benzoyl peroxide, wonder why the man must hide your face
Rugged like Marlboro or tar factor on lungs
Choking more emcees than emphysema, putting brains on Iceland
Dialing call blocked names will only irk me
If you rift you shall sleep under banks of oceanic earth
My manic sense, sediments of insane secretions
I need dietary supplements, I'm getting fatter every season
Dying only to resuscitate, check the cardiograph
I walk the path of the heart of wraith
Sleeping every other day (Every other day)
Sticking push pins in foreheads, er******s, and clitorae
Shaky shit like the washer and dryer
Flyer than 18 inches of chrome on some wire rims trimmed with rubber band tires
Fuck around, get full wit' bullets of a literature nature
What I say get through you like lasers, open they arteries like razors
Take the stun off them phasers, put them shits on extinction
You lounging up in your Lincoln drinking, I'm thinking vapor
Keep me from my visions
Indecision, prison it's in me
All I see is painful memories
Life is Bloody...
Influx of that will spark a metamorphosis from an idea
To a phase that ricochets through air waves
Memorandum, beware minimal tolerance for sin
'Tactic falls bring you ballad, fuck your talent battle me
I pretzel perception, spray brain waves
Make mayonnaise of mentals that seemingly demand praise
Constantly fast forward, pause be on pat
I'm nice, you're in the end zone, alone Jerry Rice
Bloody knife, grab a slice into cabbages, exposing images
Darker than Quinny Parker, MTV telepathy
See Bob Barker my marionette
I pull strings, make moods swing
Dudes sing my poetry unknowingly
Boone plays with brains like video games
We master verses, open mind's eye like fire
Fucking to get high, wide open instantly
Like Kennedy, no remedy stuck to me to you calamity died
Cuz you gon' bet mental high, sensory overload
Keep me from my visions
Indecision, prison it's in me
All I see is painful memories
Life is Bloody...
Feeling like depression, no confession of mental abuse
Session verbally be messing with my mind
Express design, ain't nothing fine
Cry when they be taking mine, straight in the line
Disintegrating over what was given too late
From a deranged state of mind I'm doing the time
I guess the crimes mine and you can't squander what I'm thinkin
Hollow to the point and you stop blinking, those who left start tricking
After dark, I start bringing hell from the heart expressin' real art
I come apart smoke his smart ass, offending violently, sendin' who's pretending
From the beginning, he's been into making this, know a mans life
Pending and I'm lending you my time, I want it back cuz it's mine
I affiliate with no names, playing no games to wanting no fame
Cuz most are dead when they're dreaming, only living when they're scheming
I be leaning on females, saw the demon and I'm hooked, all pussy like semen
My souls screaming, my souls fiending if you getting what I'm meaning
And I can't get away from inside of my mind
Keep me from my visions
Indecision prison it's in me
All I see is painful memories
Life is Bloody...

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