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War On The Palaces - text


I carry history with me
I carry hope
All the nameless faces before us
Let's carry them all

I wanna carry the dead
Wage war on the palaces

You carry judgment and privilege
With morals to spend
Can't see the grids for the structures
You're just one of them
Who talk about freedom and progress
With a corpse in your mouth
You've never tasted the violence
That gave us our rights

How did you think we got here?
You took our gains for granted
You think we stumbled upon them on our way to find ourselves

Let's carry the dead
Wage war on the palaces

Because you know: you'll be judged too
What did you fight for, exactly what did you do?
Let's get rhetorical without going too far
Tell me: who's responsible?
You fucking are

Let's carry the dead
War on the palaces

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