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The Mighty Everglades - text


(South from Okeechobee and reachin' to the keys)
(Lays the mighty wonder nature made)
(A hundred miles of jade)
(The mighty everglades.)

It's beautiful at sunset but oh,
There's something else that makes bravest heart afraid
A word of things a-crawling and a-thumping
And a-bawling and a-wadin' in the Everglades.

Creepin', seepin'
I hear a million things a-weepin'
As I gazed into the weirdness
Of the mighty everglades.

Over and over
I called, Oh, please come back my lover
But my love is dead or wand'ring
In the fearful everglades.

Voices calling, shadows falling,
Spirits of those who ventured in and stayed
Hear it, fear it, never, never go too near it
For there's myst'ry in the hist'ry of the mighty everglades.

Seeping, crawling, spirits calling
Sliddin', hidin', my love in the everglades
Over and over I call but now she's gone for ever
And my heart is wand'ring with her through the mighty everglades.

A world of things a-crawling
And a-thumping and a-bawling
And a-wadin' in the Everglades...

Text přidal Moonblade

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