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The Struggle - text


... unholy guns, why the niggers got guns
When you know you pop none
Couple of live and some wax and some wanksters
Big front ... and some gangsters...
Hella speech, ...put the empty cat, what type of shit is that
See I don't know you ... to grab the ...
The moon like the birdie nigger singing to the ...
... go home is the ...
Boys look good but gain quick
Young girls don't believe that shit, believe that shit
Down to earth ... I love a ...
But young boy don't mistaking me for ...
Separate all the lies from the truth
Who you think you gonna see boo? I don't believe you

Yeah, struggling, going through

Yoh, never ... my parents to satisfy no odds
Cause it’s a lie, ... in the suicide
Find More lyrics at
You alive but you really dead,
And the ... you be looking for and like you cannot buy with bread
Ah, my testimony homie, indicate that I ain't foney
I'm popping rounds at all them clowns that be fronting on me
See back ... got me bigger ...
But you fully grateful that I love to see another day
Life in another way, feel got distract, just the biggest brain
It ain't a secret that I'm running this effect that I'm hot
So if you dumb ... try to be something you not

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Struggle to make it through, I'm struggling
Struggling down, well I'm struggling, struggling, struggling, struggling.

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