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In This Life - text


Front is the opposite of back, white is the opposite of black
I be killing every track cause I'm the opposite of wack
In fact, I lack nothing less than the fake shit
They creating numerous rumors tryin' create shit
Same false facts that really ain't me
Why these critics always tryna tarnish my identity
In this life a lawyer is a liar
The new generations is inspired by the errors they
For example piercing on the face
Came from the mesijah in the motherland, understand
Nothing's new under the sun
Nowadays, everybody got a gun but not every gun got a body
Yes we're identified by names, that don't mean using somebody
And the media can turn a goodie girl into a naughty one
This life is a bitch in itself
My concern is my family's health and their wealth

I want everything in this life X2

Truth be told I'm as bold as I wanna be
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Blunted in the backward
Far from a wannabe
Imma take it all like it's sittin right in front of me
No set of eyes has ever seen what I wanna see
My life obides by the laws of the book
I been through situations that will make a grown make shook, grown man
Type to make a grown man cry
If you don't come through and you never try, don't you ask why
Work brings results
Lazy brings nada
The lady sold her soul just cause she wanted some prada
Then she gave up her hoochie just cause she wanted Gucci
Nowadays we praising names like bad bitch and mama hoochie
That's so wrong, we prolong on what's right
And if it's going down, shots fired on sight
That's life the one bitch you can't leash
I'm reema m, the one kid you can't teach

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