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Classic Entertainment
Baby, I feel like a virgin
untouched for the very first time
The Great White Way lights
Handsome boys and guys
From now on all the world is mine
Watch me, Miss Perfect, Miss Sexy
walking there, smiling innocent face
I want you to stay
Kiss my lips and pay
For my show in MTV space
Everybody looks so good
I´m gonna make it, I´m gonna shake it
I would go to Hollywood
Just to make it with you
Oh, yeah, I´ll give you my body
But you must make me "A", fulltime star
No, I´m not at loss
That´s how world now works
If you don´t, kiss your ass goodbye
Baby, you think I´m a virgin
And that´s how I score up the goal
TV, movie stars
I´m in paradise
And there´s no biz like showbiz at all

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