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Drinking booze and gaining belly
Epihone I play no Telly
Motherfuckers I go burry
Put them in a cemetery
Nicotine up in my chest
Kidney gone, I never rest
Bitch, I do coke and the MD, meth
But I do that shit to avoid the stress
Like I said I don't give a fuck about you
You that gum I'mma put in mouth, chew
Spit you out, then I think I'm gonna puke
Motherfucker bitch, I pull up and I get your house nuked
I'm 'bout to hang you bitch and I cut off your nuts
Take that shit, throw it up in the cuts
Bash your face, I don't play with the fucks,
That betray me, pullin' the knife in the guts
I make that bass, I make it bounce
Killing ratta's in amounts
I put bitches on a leash, I'm 'bout to make you move and pounce
If I throw up, you should suck it
No food up in your bucket
I'm that evil motherfucker, when you die I'm 'bout to stack it
I know you're jealous of the melons of my bitch
You got no fucking brain
Stick it in the pig, it doesn't mean shit to you anyway
I come up with fun, I make you stun
I pull up with the beef
Meth could make my teeth fall out
So I better save up, then I'll buy new teeth
The shades of black are in here, I have found them
Pieces of your heart, they've all been drowned and
I can make you die
You always wanted me to tear you apart

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