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We can find that we have wandered
so far from the path
We can find that we've lost sight
of all of the things we really had
Now I've reached this destination,
but I wonder where I've come
Where's the goal that I once dreamed of
at a time when I was young?

As the earth gives way beneath my feet
and I stumble blindly all alone
through an isolated plane of fear
Haunted by the dreams that I disowned
When the hourglass seems out of sand
and nothingness seems close at hand,
you'll remember all you really had,
and it brings things into focus

I can put aside the phantoms
conjured by the sirens' songs
I can strive to find the meaning
and learn I knew it all along

I can look back to the life I had
and the things I wanted for myself
I can turn and try to walk the path
and ignore the search for something else
But if all we have is just one try,
I want to live before I die
Does there have to be a reason why?
Would it bring things into focus?

So if all I have is just one try,
I have to live before I die
I'm not sure I need a reason why,
just to bring things into focus
But the hourglass seems out of sand
and nothingness seems close at hand
And I think of all I really had,
and I want it back in focus

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