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Departure of the Pale Horse - text


Emerging into the light
A thousand empty pages left for me to write

And I won't subjugate my dreams to mortality
I won't live every day I have as if it was my last,
but I'll live each to the full

The poison stops, its work is done
I'm half surprised that I'm still standing
Returning now to the road
that I was on before this happened
Seems so long ago
The pale horse skulks away,
its rider empty-handed

It's not about some gift of courage
I only did what I was forced to
My will to live was stronger than
the will to die that I once had
But that I have let go, never to return
The preciousness of life
The lesson that I've learned,
that I've learned, that you've learned,
and that we all are learning still

(Where is your victory? Where is your sting? - x4)
I've looked death in the eye,
turned and walked away
There's nothing left to fear

I have stood in the path of the tornado,
where life goes by in the blink of an eye
(No tickets - x6)
And they won't be selling tickets,
tickets to my funeral
I've dreamt them, I've dreamt them,
the nightmares from the pit
I have broken the back of the noonday devil
(I've crushed the skull of the devil underneath my heel)
(Let it rain - x2)
Keep raining now (x6)
I have brought my life in focus
I've brought my life in focus
I have brought my life in focus,
and it's perfect enough for me
(I won't waste it - x2)
I will begin again (x3)
(It's perfect enough for me - x3)
(Let it rain - x4)
I'm stronger than death (x16)
(And the pale horse departs - x4)

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