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You have your reasons for waiting for the worst
Our learned behavior is so difficult to break
I have my reasons for clinging to my hope
Chances I have to take

The only conclusion is love over fear
Without it we’ll never live

I have my reasons for pushing way too hard
Solving a problem where one may not exist
You have your reasons for wanting your own space
Just don’t confuse yourself

The easy solution is letting us grow
So simple but yet so hard

I know you’ve been so damaged
by the choices you have made
I know you don’t believe
that you deserve what I would give
Please recognize that love must conquer fear
And that the struggle there is all life is

I understand that I can push things
To a self-defeating point
It’s hard to make myself let go
In order to hold on

The last resolution is simply to be
Embracing the possible

I know I’ve been transformed by all the choices I have made
I know I’ve been afraid to make the leap of faith I need
One day perhaps we’ll recognize that love must conquer fear
That’s what life is

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