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Deception: Prologue - text

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Sit at his right hand and await destiny
They will be lead to shield his creation
Burning to keep divinity alive
The saviours of his throne
Leave in alliance
Darkness could never succeed
Immortality shall fail
The sentinels of God
Are certain in their presence
No battle will transpire
Almighty protectors
Lead the fight for truth and innocence
Be fearless
And honour will be thrust upon you
Now is the time
So stand up and seize the glory
Withstand vile persuasion
Keep the hope of the realm close at heart
Giving their all
Prepared to shed blood for their kingdom
Willing to sacrifice their self
Wings spread on the path of resistance
Lungs filled with the air of resilience
But they will meet their tempter
Before too long
Rising from the depths of hell
With plans to leave it all in ruin
Whispers of deprived falsehood
A fallacy so foul
Darkness emerged
To make an offer they can't refuse

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