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Now how've you been, Carolyn
Living OK, home in PA
See how the color left from our faces
From when, when we were younger

Just yesterday I was making the reach
And went for a swim in lover's beach
There I met friends and dined near the bay
Until I felt sick

But you were my friend
Don't you know how I needed you then
I felt nervous when you shook and cried
With circles under your eyes
We made love until you reached the clouds
Through the ceiling and walls that surround

One time you drove through heat and hard rain
Three hundred miles in the roots of your pain
Things get so far back in your mind
That we don't connect

But you were my friend
At the turn of my life's events
I felt weak in the hold of your soul
And your blood red eyes even more
But the feelings that stay with you now
Get lost over time somehow

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