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Sister woke me up
As he fell out of the sky
There's a golden place
Where the angels crash and die
You can jab and poke
Oh but what'd you ever give?
I don't hear your voice
Hear it resonate like his
Hear it resonate like his

You were endless fuel
Burning fast and burning free
Not a wide-eyed fool
That fell into the sea
That vanished in the sea

You're alive and good St.John
As the AM waves live on
You as much belong to me
As a ship steered to the sea
As a ship steered to the sea

You're the cornerstone
Of my memories as a kid
Filled my room with sun
When that polished vinyl spun
I will see your face
Crashing down against the wind
And it's a sadder place
When that crackling vinyl spins
When the crackling vinyl spins

You're still living good St.John
High up in the yellow sun
We can find your vacant grin
In every dusty thrift-store bin
You're a dime-a-dozen man
You're a dime-a-dozen man

And you're far beyond the moon
That you dreamed to touch so soon
And your life was big and full
Like your words so beautiful
Dum de dum de dum dum dum
Always echo across the world

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