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My biggest smile from Tokyo
You came out here five years ago
Her life song is a sad one
Her mom fell off when she was young
Her mom died off when she was young

Purple nights and yellow days
Neon signs and silver lakes
LA took a part of me
LA gave this gift to me

So drive me down Sunset Boulevard
I'm feeling nice in your white car
Playing Hanoi Rocks and Social D
My sweetest angel set me free
My sweetest saviour rescued me

Won't you whisper in my ear?
You look so good against my mirror
And you're my baby full of joy
You're my erotic brown eyed toy
You're my exotic black haired toy

Slipping letters under the door
Leave candy wrappers round my floor
And take me out of here round the canyons
Where the pavement meets the sand
Where the boardwalk creatures stand

So drive down Beverly Drive
Where my room's lit up all night
I've been so lonely in this bed
It's good to sleep with you instead
It's good to talk all night instead

Morning pours the ocean deep
Into the hollow of my sleep
But the ocean can't be mine
Your perfection can't be mine

So drive me down the 405
Where my airplane leaves tonight
I'm tipping up and touching down
Leave LA sparkling on the ground
LA glitters on the ground
LA sparkles on the ground
LA glitters on the ground
LA sparkles on the ground

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