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Hanging low a big embrace of Aztec moon
And throwing down a glow on this flourescent tune
And cooling off and phasing out of chlorine bed
Shadows at the walls of sun-baked clay adobe red

Void of movement void of feeling
Void of life
Channel crackles Spanish chirps in the night
Don't feel sour in the far window there
Don't be bothered by the words in your head

When the sun goes down
And just a night
This will be bring up pretty
Some old fire (???)
Makes what's dead come alive
For the long and lonely ride

Ancient highways desert dust
Diamond-lit sky
Like some lost planet
Never breathes any life
And barely moving
Broken wheels bend and crawl
Tucked away and stuck in
I won't cease until dawn

Wake me up when you can hear
The sound of people getting near
Where what's dead becomes alive
And there's a long and lonely ride

Who can know there's so much life around us thins
Life from heaven smiles down on this room
Some parade of colours
Marching on music trails
Morning slips to evening
Falls through holes in between days

And you can loose another year
Where are the pictures perfect teen?
And where what's dead come alive
And where you are comes alive

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