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Number One - text


What should I've done, out of control,
Blinded by the glitter and gold.
Hooked on a feeling, without a meaning,
Chasing shadows nothing too real.

But now I know, I'm only alive,
When I have you here by my side.
I want, only you, to be my baby.


I'm not a sinner, not a saint,
My heart can bleed,
But the things that I did cant be undone.
I did you wrong, I was a fool,
But now I see,
That you make me complete.
My Number One.


Fooling around, that's not my style,
I didn't mean to hurt you so bad.
Got carried away, by money and fame.
Now I'm back and here to stay.

Baby can you, forgive and forget,
Let me show you, I'm ready now.
I want, only you, to be my baby.


I just wanna spin you round and round
And turn your world all upside down.
Come on let's just do it.
I just wanna know you inside out
And love you till the end of time.
Come on let me do that.

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